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We offer many different popular water sports activities and toys like tubes, water skis, paddleboards, rafts and cool new ones you may have never tried before like seabobs, e-foils, and electric surfboards. Some of our toys are offered free with some of our boats while others can be rented for a fee. Please contact us to learn more about availability and pricing on these amazing toys!

Prices - $500 for 2 Hrs
If you’re looking for the ultimate safe and fun driving excursion, simply head to the water. Experience vast open spaces and pure freedom with our sleek and high-tech Seabob. Cruise on top of the water or even below. Film your experience with our built-in video camera! Included free on some boats!


Prices - $750 for 2 Hrs
One of the most magical gadgets on the planet, The Fliteboard™ eFoil. It provides the sensation of flying on a magic carpet or even carving the water below. It’s electric, fast, quiet, safe & Kid-Friendly, they can easily learn within an hour guaranteed! Feeling semi-lazy, just lay or kneel on the board and go up to 30MPH.

Prices - $500 per Hr
WOW! is all we can say if you have a adventurous side. Based on our electric surfboard's three principles of Safety, Fun and Power; it has been designed with one key factor in mind easy-to-use, enabling users to lay on the board, kneel on the board then learn to stand on the board. Our boards have a speed control that allows you to cruise up to 30MPH. Sooooo Fun!

Party Cabana & Lounger
Prices - $1,500 for 2 Hrs
This is inflatable party animal can provide shaded floating space that is unique and offers a unique party or event experience along with your charter

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