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We offer the most incredible Hamptons bachelorette party experiences in all of the Hamptons, if not the world! Enjoy the luxury and safety of our yachts with our licensed captain and crew. Lay in the sun, enjoy our water toys, listen to music, dance, drink and eat or just relax and do nothing! 

If you're looking for a luxurious and exciting bachelorette party in The Hamptons, then the Aquila 36 catamaran yacht with Hampton Boat Charters in East Hampton NY is a fantastic choice. The yacht is spacious and well-equipped, providing plenty of room for all 13 guests to relax and enjoy the beautiful views of the Long Island Sound. The staff of Hampton Boat Charters are attentive and accommodating, ensuring that every detail of our trip is taken care of. The captain of the yacht is knowledgeable and skilled, guiding us through the waters and pointing out interesting landmarks along the way. The yacht is equipped with everything we needed, from water toys, ice and water to comfortable seating and a sound system to keep us entertained.


A bachelorette trip on the Aquila 36 with Hampton Boat Charters in East Hampton NY will be a memorable experience that you will never forget. The stunning scenery, luxurious accommodations, and excellent service will make it a truly special occasion that you will cherish for years to come. If you're looking for a unique and exciting way to celebrate your bachelorette party, then I would highly recommend you contact Hampton Boat Charters.

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