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We strive to provide the best possible Hamptons boating experience you can ever wish for. We have a no-rain and small craft advisory policy so we do not set sail if it is currently raining or rain is imminent in the forecast. We also obviously care about your safety, so we will not set sail in any inclement weather and during any small craft advisory. We will generally make those decisions 2-hours before sailing time. If our captain decides not to set sail that day, due to rain or if a small craft advisory is in affect, you will have an option for a rain date for a period of 28 months. This allows you 3 summer seasons to reschedule. We will apply your payment and you will receive that credit to sail again within the next 28 months.

If we set sail on a mediocre weather day, and finish a cruise for the agreed allotted time, discounts or credits will not be given as the fuel, captains time and allotted time slot all have been fully expensed as a cost to us. If you decide to return to port early due to weather, we can issue a pro-rata future sailing time credit based on the returned time and sea conditions. If the sea conditions were sail-able the entire time of your trip then no discount shall be given. To be clear, if you decide to return to port early and we agree the conditions are undesirable or unsafe we can give you that lost time time on a future charter. No cash credits will be issued once we depart port, only substituted future time on another charter.



We ask that when our guests book a boat they should be certain that they will enjoy the boat that day. Once a client books a boat we notify all subsequent inquiries that “the boat is unavailable and taken”, so for this reason we do not offer any refund on cancellations. If you cancel a reservation greater than 90 days away we do allow a no-cost change of the date. Inclement weather as stated above is the sole reason for a cancellation.

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