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Discover the Ultimate Charter Experiences in Montauk, NY with Hamptons Event Yacht

Montauk, NY, known for its stunning coastal beauty and vibrant maritime culture, offers the perfect setting for unforgettable charter experiences. At Hamptons Event Yacht, we take luxury and adventure to the next level with our new Aquila 36 power catamaran and the iconic Jubilance 50 event boat. Let's embark on a journey to explore the unparalleled experiences awaiting you in Montauk.

Introducing the Aquila 36 Power Catamaran

Step aboard our new Aquila 36 power catamaran, nestled at the prestigious Montauk Yacht Club. This sleek and spacious vessel is designed for comfort and style, accommodating up to 13 passengers. Whether you're planning a family outing, a romantic getaway, or a fun-filled day with friends, the Aquila 36 promises an extraordinary charter experience.

Jubilance 50: The Ultimate Event Boat

For larger groups and special celebrations, our Jubilance 50 event boat is the epitome of luxury on the water. With a capacity for up to 49 passengers, Jubilance offers ample space and amenities for a memorable journey. From corporate events to bachelorette parties, this vessel is perfect for making a splash with your guests.

Water Toys Galore

Both the Aquila 36 and Jubilance 50 come equipped with a treasure trove of water toys to enhance your experience. Dive into adventure with Seabobs, glide across the water on inflatable paddleboards, or relax on Sunchill rafts as you soak up the sun. The possibilities for aquatic fun are endless.

Unforgettable Charter Experiences

At Hamptons Event Yacht, we curate a range of charter experiences to suit every preference and occasion:

  1. Duryea's & Sunset Beach Trips: Indulge in gourmet dining at Duryea's or enjoy a sunset beach picnic with panoramic views of the Montauk shoreline.

  2. Hamptons & Sag Harbor Tours: Cruise along the picturesque Hamptons coastline or explore the historic charm of Sag Harbor aboard our luxurious vessels.

  3. Shelter Island & Greenport Tours: Discover the serene beauty of Shelter Island and the quaint village of Greenport on a leisurely tour filled with scenic vistas.

  4. Montauk Lighthouse Tours: Experience the iconic Montauk Lighthouse from the water, capturing breathtaking views and learning about its rich maritime history.

  5. Private Cove Swimming & Water Toys: Anchor in secluded coves for private swimming sessions and water toy adventures, perfect for relaxation and fun in the sun.

Book Your Montauk Charter Today

Whether you're seeking a day of exploration, relaxation, or celebration, Hamptons Event Yacht has the perfect charter experience for you. Contact us today to reserve your spot aboard the Aquila 36 or Jubilance 50 and embark on a journey of luxury and adventure in the captivating waters of Montauk, NY. Let us make your maritime dreams a reality.

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